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“This is a fun little CD of original music from  our family to yours. The songs come from the everyday experience of raising small children, and even though our children are now grown we still love to sing together when ever we have the chance. I hope you enjoy this music! SBA


What “FOLKS” are saying about KINFOLK!

This  CD  is charming… no hidden meanings, no angst… just fresh observations about real situations. Early aged audiences and their parents are sure to relate … truly a family affair with big heart. (Martha Helgerson / Winnipeg Free Press )

Kinfolk is quietly and delightfully compelling. Hear the HEART in their melodies rising like fragrance from a flower.(Nicole Bremault / Kanicosa)

Kinfolk’s ‘Im Full” is a bouncy entertaining CD. I like the variety… something for adults as well as children. My favorite songs are “Noodle’s and Cheese” and “The Top of the Stairs” The spirit of Shirley Temple Lives! (Ron Robinson / Weekend Morning Show CBC)

Kinfolk’s music is wonderful. Their original tunes range from upbeat funky fun to soothing lullabies. This talented family has a bright future ahead. (Susan Rykiss / Winnipeg Parent Magazine)

It’s got a little bit of everything…you never want to talk about a favorite song but the one that stood out when I heard it was “Nothing to do.”Still, from a kid’s perspective, there could never be too many songs written about macaroni and cheese….(Bill Starling / Star Billing: CKX Radio, Brandon)



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