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“I was never one of those kids who knew what I wanted to ‘do’ when I grew up. My relationships with people and my yearning to understand what makes us all ‘tick’ certainly took precedence over any need to have a master plan for my future.

Like many people whose interests lie in the arts, my work has woven its way naturally into my day to day life. While growing up on the Canadian prairies, writing songs and poetry were early childhood passions for me. I spent those formative years observing the world around me, and interpreting my responses through my writing.

In my teens, I was trained as a classical singer while banging out folk / rock songs on my guitar and playing roles in high school theatre productions.

In the decade to follow, I  pursued concurrent interests in drama and music. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Theatre, from the University of Victoria; at the same time I was writing and performing as a solo artist and in various vocal groups, from Winnipeg to Victoria and north to Dawson City.

After I became a mother, I shifted my song writing focus as I began to see the world through the eyes of my growing daughters.  When my girls were four and seven they started asking to sing with their dad and me, so our family formed vocal group  performing on stages both grand and humble in western Canada for five years. In 1997 we recorded  “Kinfolk – I’m Full” a fun little CD which continues to find its way onto the radio air waves both here in Canada and abroad.

Later on I dabbled in writing children’s books – an ongoing project of creative fun for me – and this site will soon have audio versions of the same.

My latest work: “How To Treat Your Toddlers So Your Teenagers Will Talk To You.”  however was a pivotal moment in my journey. It is my story of mothering and a response to the relentless negativity I was hearing about raising children – teenagers, in particular. The book reflects my effort to encourage parents to build loving foundational relationships with their children so that they can enjoy their parenting experience as much as I have mine. Writing this memoir, affirmed my growing desire to working with families and led naturally to my a choice to hone my mentoring skills.

Having completed my training as a Certified Coach Practitioner through Certified Coaches Federation under the deft guidance and instruction of Master Coach, Derrick Sweet, I created my company “Good Mama Sue” and embarked upon my dream of helping other parents trust themselves, as they navigate the wondrous and often unpredictable waters of raising children. Along the way I realized I enjoy working with parents and children of all ages including those transitioning into adulthood.

So, I find myself looking back now, and seeing that my cherished occupations of mothering and writing have unfolded into a career for me in-spite of myself.

I am loving this time in my life and look forward with true happiness to a future of expansion both personally and professionally. Ever in search of more clarity, I continue to draw inspiration from nature, from quiet, contemplative, mediation, from the significant relationships in my life, and from those who have gone before me and have taken the time to share their stories.”



2 Responses to More About Susan

  1. Lynn Kenneth Pecknold had this to say about that:

    And so the next journey…..As I wrestle with “what will I draw or paint today”, I am falling back into the open arms of hope…and know that He is with me. I wish you every success in your creative directions.Cheers and prayers. Lynn

  2. Patti Hetland had this to say about that:

    What I have read of your writing looks very thought provoking and creative, Susan. I wish you well in this career and hope that God will bless and guide you as you begin this worthwhile endeavor.
    How do I go about purchasing your book? I’m very interested to read it.

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