Miracles happen every day!

Posted on: March 24th, 2013 by
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Here in Toronto, Spring keeps teasing us, and yet we love her just the same. She represents new possibilities, a chance to start fresh – miracles really.

Now, what I call miracles – those unexpected joys that were not on the radar, surprises, or even wishes fulfilled – are not exclusive to spring. But somehow, I notice them more at this time of year. After a long winter, I feel poised for a little “light” magic.

I have been visited by several miracles this week: one medical, one financial, and some in my roles as friend and parent. Maybe because of my age and stage in life, I really don’t take these things for granted anymore. In fact, I look for them, and celebrate even the smallest of small. Like a crocus in the snow. It will be there whether or not we see it, but I think, it’s doing it’s best to get our attention. And life is more fun if we enjoy our miracles along the way. Happy Spring!


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