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As I am wont to do, I wandered down to the beach yesterday. True, it is November, and I did not wear my swimming togs, but it has been an unusually challenging fall for me, and there have been remarkably sunny skies in Toronto the past couple of weeks. Both of these things pushed me towards the water.

I have spent a great deal of time with my feet in the sands of Woodbine Beach and the beaches east of her, but I have never until yesterday had the pleasure of meeting Steve Polansky.

I had barely stepped onto the boardwalk and was assessing a way to get to the shoreline (the winter fence has gone up, and without my glasses I was not easily seeing an opening) when I noticed a host of dark-blue, anchored kites flying above me like a chorus of sky fish swimming in unison, up-stream, against a confident easterly wind.

Their beauty against the light-blue, cloud-feathered sky, was “awe”some. It stopped me in my tracks, and I wasn’t the only one. Many folks had halted their journeys to stare at the kites or snap a shot on their phone cameras. One man, however, seemed to be more engaged than the others. He was standing on the sand near the kites with a proper camera in hand, taking shots from many angles. Only then did it occurred to me that these kites had probably not found their way to this spot of sky on their own, and that perhaps this smiling soul was their guardian.

I approached the man and posed this supposition. He affirmed my curiosity. I muttered something about how meditative these lovely creatures were and he said, “Yes, you should try seeing them from the other end.”

Upon that invitation I walked to the rear of the kites and stood for several minutes under their wafting tails. They danced and fluttered in fascinating rhythms, and before long I found myself lying on the sand beneath them, entranced by the delight of these ribbons of fabric beating their dark wings under the pale beyond.

As I lay there, I thought about the man who had brought such a wonder to our beach, and how many mundane steps there are (no doubt) in such an endeavor. I mused over how passionate he must be about these kites, having decided to spend his time transporting them here and setting them up on this chilly, late-Autumn day.

So after basking for some time, I got up and walked across the stretch of sand to the boardwalk where he now sat resting on a bench. We chatted for a few moments and  I heard the enthusiasm in his voice as he spoke about his kites. I told him I would love to bring my daughters down to see the kites some day and as I stood up to continue my walk, he reached in his pocket to and handed me a card – directions to his website which I am now so happy to share with you.

And here is a You Tube video of Steve flying his kites. Absolutely inspirational!

I hope some of you will get down to the beach with your children before the snow flies. Maybe you will meet Steve.

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