First Day of School

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by
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I awoke this morning to the sound of high pitched giggling voices filtering through my open window. “I wonder why the neighbour girls are up and out so early,” I thought to myself; and then it came to me – first day of school.

I let my mind return my many first days and those of my children,  who are now grown, and thought – with neither sorrow nor joy -“That is over for me”.

Still, I am facing a first. In two short weeks I will send one of my children out into the world knowing I will not see her for months. My “baby” is about to embark on a huge travel/work adventure half way across the world. She will not be here for her birthday or Christmas. She will be meeting people I will never know and doing things I may never do, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

People keep saying, “Oh, you will miss her so much.” and I WILL. But she is ready, she is clear, and I will not hold her back with my love of the past. A past in which I watched over her and guided her exploration of life and always had her in my sight.

It’s all new lessons for us now. She’ll be fine…more than fine, and so will I. And so will you…whatever firsts you are facing.

Give yourself a treat and listen to a beautiful song by my dear friend, Lynn. Just click the link below and then find the “First Day of School” title on the right hand side of the page. ENJOY!

Also for those of you whose children really are in there very first days of school, Jamie Lee Curtis has written a new children’s book called. My Brave Year of Firsts. It looks lovely.






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