Simply, Light

Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by
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I’m grateful today for light, seeping and surprising and bursting it’s way into my winter.

Light, in the form of time with my daughters: laughing, skating, cooking. Sharing enthusiasms for differing interests – sometimes teasing each other about the same – religious philosophy, video game characters, fictional romances.

Light, in the rays of the unusually present sun, inspiring hope in a heart, in a city, that is often times grey at this season of the year.

Light, in the beaming smile of a new baby, who is moving (with her parents) into the suite upstairs. Her’s is the happiest of all light. She is at the beginning. She is loved and safe. She has everything to believe in and nothing to fear.

And if we look to the sun, and our children, and the faces of babies, we too have everything to believe in and nothing to fear.

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