Matters of the Heart

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I was watching a program this morning about debt reduction. A young couple had found themselves living beyond their financial limits and they had called an expert for help. After the initial assessment of their situation, many tasks had been required of them, in order that they might return their circumstances to a balanced state.

When it came time for their financial adviser to check in with their progress, she was surprised to find that they had not chosen to increase their family income by finding another job between them.

Asked to account for their decision, the young mother (holding  her eight-month-old baby on her lap) explained. It was not worth it to her to work at an office all day, pay a day care to look after her child, and have almost nothing to show for it in the in end.

What she wasn’t saying, but I could see in her eyes, was that, for her, this was not about money. This was about the deficit to her heart that would occur, if she were away from her baby all day, in exchange for a few measly dollars.The adviser went on to argue the economics of the situation but this mother quietly stood her ground.

I felt a kinship with the young woman and wanted to reach through the screen and give her a hug. I wanted to reassure her, on this day, that if she followed her heart, she could do both: take care of her baby and help the family finances.

In the end she did not take an office job. She invested a small amount of time (six months) into certifying for a job that allowed her to set her own hours, and generate income, without putting her child into full time care.

The heart knows.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone.

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