“Let’s Talk About Self-Love”

Posted on: December 11th, 2011 by • Sticky
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002Are you a parent, feeling lost or hopeless in your role?
Are you a child feeling misunderstood or un-seen by adults?
Are you a teen or young adult struggling to clarify your direction?
Is anyone in your family in crisis or transition and in need of some compassionate guidance?
I can help. I am a certified coach practitioner with a particular interest in supporting the wellness of families, but I welcome anyone who might benefit from some encouragement and a safe place to share. My work is based on my long-held belief that the practice of self-love is the foundation for all healing, growth and forward movement.

Whether you are at a time of deep despair and need someone to hear your story, or you are at a point in your life where you are ready to take action and would like help sorting out the details, I offer a listening ear and practical strategies as I companion you through your temporary life challenges. My approach is open, non-judgmental, loving and joyful.

Appointments can happen in person, on the phone or through email correspondence. For more information please:
Email: goodmamasue@gmail.com or
Call: 204-730-4102



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