Sometimes we must not “delete”.

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Email box stuffed with unread letters. Without the time to read I often press delete. Not business emails. Not good friends (although I must admit sometimes their “attachments” go unattended to for days).

But the emails from the random strangers or the people trying to sell me something or fill me up with wisdom. And those from folks with whom I have had chance encounters or shared some meaningful moment at one time or another in the distant passed. These often get discarded without much respect. This is my confession.

But today I got an message I did not ignore. I thought of letting it go down the mail chute of cyber happenings but something tugged at me to take notice and so I opened it and was treated to words of grace and quiet; words by a man with whom I had shared a song writing circle for several weeks. A man who had such a passion (there is no other way to describe it) for crafting words and learning more and more about their power and their beauty.

So here with you I share his words today.


A. D’Agio

just now
soon now
be just here


emerging blossoms
veiled by
doubt filled suspensions


the universe sighed


chase not the stars
but wait…
the sunrise


lily pad to lily pad
hoping for a place
without a leak


oak- even you must have been an acorn once


I regret that I was unable to visually present this poetry as I first saw it but for that you can follow the link bellow to the site of its original publication.

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