Home-schooling: Is that Legal?

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Parents or guardians who consider keeping their children home for school usually have a great many questions and concerns. The most common has to do with the legalities of educating ones children outside the realm of the public school system.

The fact is that in Canada and the United States home-schooling is perfectly legal but from province to province (state to state) there are variations in regulating students who are schooled at home.

Some provinces/states require home-schooled children to be registered and then monitored through a local public school. Some expect annual reports to be filed on the progress of the children and some even mandate testing of the child’s skills at different intervals throughout the year. Then again some require no notification or registration at all.

It is probably a good idea to find out the specific requirements of the province or state in which you live. Here in Canada you can visit the following website which answers many of the questions you might have re: the home-schooling legalities for your area.


I found this website to be quite informative but not without its gaps in information. If you have further questions you can always contact the office of the Minister of Education in your province and get the straight goods from them

In the USA you could start with the following link and explore from that point. Again things vary from state to state


Beyond that I would say do your own digging on-line or with your local government offices. Regulations have changed a great deal since I first took my girls out of school and I expect they are always under review. Keep up with law and then make your own choices from there.

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